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joshua aaron anderson [b. 1996, houston, texas]

born during the late winter of feburary 1996, the fourth of five children in the afro-mexicano family anderson. growing up in southern texas within an evangelical christian family set the themes for the development, education, spirituality and social life of my young self. homeschooling left plenty of free time for the arts and for various forms of fiction that hooked the anti-social psyche of my adolescence. the year 2008 saw that my family would face bankruptcy and homelessness, piled on with the eruption of sexual desire in this young boy whose taste in men was far from acceptable in the minds of his parents.

beginning in 2011 and the years to follow, my expression in the arts materialized in many forms. music, product design, illustration, sculpture, garment-building, painting and photography. the most notable of these being photography, which has been my vessel to travel the earth. by april of 2016 intuition told me it was time to leave home so i fled to los angeles seeking an individual self away from my family. in 2017, after going through an exhaustingly difficult year, lowly and depressed, i dubbed myself with the pseudonym - bilhan, a name here meaning: foolish and simple.

now it is 2019. life is far different from where i began, i am still letting that one sink in. a romance carried me through europe and i found home in berlin for most of last year. transition begins me back to houston where i will continue my exploration of sexuality, sound, sculpture, visual stories and repurposing waste through design. my curiosity pulls me in every direction.
one thing is sure: i will create now and question later.

joshua anderson bilhan

"the jump in themes within Joshua’s work could be related to his upbringing. born in houston but raised across Texas his life was “in a constant shift of environments and surroundings, conditioning his mindset to find the extraordinary in reality”. these distinct life experiences influenced and shaped who he is and the work he creates. this has resulted in a diverse portfolio but with a consistent style that binds it all together intelligently."

—lucy bourton, friday 19 august 2016, pub. it's nice that


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tenativ; houston, texas — 2014-16
co-founder and art director of outdoors equipment company

AFA: chamber music academy; houston, texas — 2011-12
student pianist within chamber music group

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