cover: artreview magazine 
may 2017

on the occasion of mark bradford’s ‘tomorrow is another day’ pavilion at the venice biennale, jonathan griffen interviewed the artist in his los angeles complex. cyberlarge was invited to shoot a portrait to be used as the cover for the may 17’ issue of art review magazine. 

digital magazine 

double dot magazine - issue 8
story, september 2016

with their spotlight on sister-cities, double dot explores paris and seoul in this issue. they asked me to contribute my own "study of paris youth". this is a wonderful little book.

$15 at double dot

staple magazine - issue 01
cover and story, august 2016

with a focus on the 'dizziness of youth', the pilot issue of staple magazine was the perfect place to debut my series of images about parisian youth. it was an honor to contribute to this beautiful print.

$13.00 at staple magazine

cover: loading...journal - issue 01
june 2016

mikey riva produced the loading journal in 2016, he invited me to show my work amongst other los angeles based artist. this was the first and only issue of loading journal, about 10 copys were made.

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