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risk — 2016

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“life shrinks and expands in proportion [with ones willingness to assume risk] to ones courage” these words, from anais nin and modified by casey neistat, clung to my being when i heard them sometime in 2015. a time when i was wondering about my next move, knowing I was going to leave the coverage of parents wings, knowing i was leaving ‘home’ to find my own version of it, to come out of the closet. risk, all i could think of was risk. once in los angeles, miles away from home, this image solidified my choice to expand, to take the risk. one of my few self-portraits. to make this, i climbed up on the sky bridge of the brutalist beauty designed by john portman in downtown los angeles

30 x 40cm with a 0.5cm border
fugicolor fine art matte laser prints
edition of 10, signed and numbered

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