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somewhere you've never been — 2016

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in the midst of the joshua tree desert in southern california, myself along with a group of friends spent a few days finding ourselves in the weeds. the gargantuan rock formations scattered around offered the perfect vantage point to make this image. the limp body in the vast, rugged expanse is an illustration of the “underworld” which is depression. 

when an individual experiences depression, the sense of self vanishes, it feels as if no one has ever “been“ to that place. through my own life, having endured crippling depression and panic attacks, i can speak first hand about the farthest reaches of darkness the mind can journey. the ‘somewhere you’ve never been’ refers to the sinister and identity-shattering false realities of a disturbing psychotic mental episode.

30 x 40cm with a 0.5cm border
fugicolor fine art matte laser prints
edition of 10, signed and numbered

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