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detail - a family at the starlight theatre — 2016

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a spontaneous train ticket to san diego to visit my sister took me out of whatever comfort zone i had managed in los angeles shortly after moving there in 2016. wondering through balboa park is where i happened on the starlight theatre, crumbling and tattered, a stark wide open space away from others, a place to dive into myself. from discarded remains found resting on the stage, i constructed "a family at the starlight theatre". this was my second attempt at temporary sculptures from found and discarded objects. the first was "untitled — 2014" and "mother and child — 2014". you can see more of that shit in the sculptures page, under "experiments". once i complete them, once i leave them, what happens to these structures is anyones guess. i'm extremely curios who may discover it and what thoughts may cross their mind.

30 by 40 cm [aprx. 12-16 in] laser prints on fujicolor professional paper with a 0.5 cm border. only 10 of these prints will ever be made, each will be signed and numbered. shipping included.

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