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you are yourself but it's for the best: 04 — 2015

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as the title suggests, you are yourself but it’s for the best, and there is nothing any of us can change about that. what started as a personal reminder, now stands as a public service announcement, this is a depiction of the many selves within one of us and our tendency to display them. 

in 2014, in austin texas, i was experimenting with a digital camera. what hooked me was the ability to shoot many frames and instantly see the results, immediately i was curious about static environments with moving objects, then compounding and manipulating the images. two iterations of this title existed before i began to paint the frame with colored shapes as in 03 and 04. 

30 x 40cm with a 0.5cm border
fugicolor fine art matte laser prints
edition of 10, signed and numbered

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