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Updated: December 27, 2021

Statement on Privacy

This website, built and maintained by j. bilhan, uses various tools and software to function. Here is a brief summary of information about privacy, how I handle your data, and so on. I can and will update this statement at anytime when necessary.

The domain (https://bilhan.website, https://conceptneutral.com) DNS servers are provided by Domains.ch and Vadian.net AG of Switzerland and are regulated by strict Swiss data privacy laws. You can view Vadian's privacy policy on their website.

The website is built using tools made available by Webflow of the United States. As far as I know, they do not gather or store data by users of this site. You can view their global privacy polices on their website.

To maintain GDPR compliance regarding cookies, I've implemented a cookie consent widget created by FinSweet. This site, by default, will not collect cookies or run analytics java scripts. To view or manage the cookies you've allowed this site to collect, click "Cookies Options" button located on this page. At this time, I do not store or maintain a database of the cookies that this site collects.


Visitor data is important information for monitoring the popularity of my site and using those numbers for marketing purposes. That said, I do not gather and sell your data to advertisers. Rather, I merely track the numbers of visitors and use that number to promote my brand through other means (peer-to-peer conversations, to incentivize collaborators with my visitor numbers, etcetera).

This is nothing more than tracking how many user visit my website without gathering any of your personal data or your iP address. Things like your Country, browser type, screen size, and how long you remain on pages are sent to our analytics provider SimpleAnalytics. They have an incredibly simple explanation about what data is gathered and stored on their servers.

Note: At this time, our SimpleAnalytics service is not yet functioning on this site.


To run the newsletter, or email alerts, I need to store your email address within my personal contacts database provided by Proton Mail. With servers located in Switzerland, my email account and all of my contacts (including your address if you submit it through the form provided at the bottom of this page) are encrypted and private.

I do not use a third-party newsletter service (e.g. Mailchimp) to facilitate my newsletter. Instead, I personally write plain text emails to my subscriber list whenever I also publish a new Journal item. Because of this your email is never stored in a random, third-party database. All email addresses for my newsletter are stored as encrypted data in ProtonMail servers in Switzerland.


Purchases made directly through this site utilize Stripe technology who collects certain data for their business. Although bilhan avoids personal data collection services, Stripe and Webflow offer a service integration making it easy to accept payments through this site.

If you'd prefer to make purchases by other means, bilhan accepts crypto currencies and direct ACH bank transfers. Please contact sales@bilhan.website to arrange this type of transaction.